Saturday, 4 January 2014

Indian Melodic Rock -a new Rock Genre

World system of music can be classified as Melodic and Harmony.
     The Western Music struck it's own seperate path distictly due to harmony.Harmony gradually dominated Melody.
        Indian music is melodic in character and form throughout the length and breadth of India.Melody means the flow of one note followed by another with a regular sequence or pitch,rhythm and tempo.
     Indian system of music is objective as well a s subjective.,depending on the combined effect of consonance and dissonance i.e samvaditwa and vivaditwa.
      In India music developed dimension ally as the Raga..The Indian music is entirely based  on Raga-s ,the tuneful combination of notes evoking a particular mood.-which themselves are based on Nada,Shruthi,Swara,Saptaka And That. This development was phenomenal and profound such that,India stlole  a great march over her sister melodic systems of Asia.In other system of music we find such a complicated highly system of Raga.This is the pivotal concept of the Melodic music. and forms the back bone of Indian music..
Sri Shiridi Sai Creations,Vizag with a mission to pique the interest of to day's youngesters in India and  in other parts of the world  and to  familiarize and propagate the in U.S,U.K and other parts of the world the  traditional Indian music of has conceptualized 'Indian melodic Rock' reincarnating the traditional Indian music with a touch of Rock and Jazz. .

                                        Teens music-classic
   With a mission to pique the interest of to day's youngsters in our tarditional music and to familiarise them with our traditional compositions like Bhajans of Tulasidas,Meera bhai,Srdas ,Tyagaraja,Muttuswami Deekshitaar,Shyama Sastry without tampering the ancient Laews of ragas Shiridi sai creations  is reincarnating them with a new age twist, with a touch of Rock and Jazz..

                                 Revival of Hollywood hits
With a mission to familiarise the Western world,the Melodic  Indian music scales i.e raga-s,fusing the traditional music with the Western rock and Jazz reviving the Hollywood hits.The idea behind this concept is to make western world enjoy the taste of Idian mango i.e Indian traditional music(Raga-s)
  In this process Sri Shiridi Sai Creations has recorded five hit numbers of Hollywood in 'Indian melodic Rock'style.
1.A most popular song film song of yester years 'Que sera sera' sung by doris day for the Hitchcock's movie 
''The man who knew too much''

Pibare rama rasam a traditional composition presented in Indian melodic rock style

'Top of the world 'revived in Rag: Bhageshree and Bhimpalasi

Love to baby composed in Rag: Madhu kuns

'Yester day ' a most popular song of the Beatles group,composed in Rag:Patdeep

Elvis Presley's 'falling in love with you'composed in rag Kalaavati